Rebel Case: A Greenhouse Concept for the Popular Café

Café Viskan – A green oasis in the center of town

By using wall murals from Rebel Walls collection Curious, interior decorator Ann-Louise Håkansson managed to give a new take on the interior concept at the popular coffee shop and restaurant Viskan in Borås. With a consistent indoor-outdoor feeling, a lovely, relaxed, and welcoming environment has been created for the guests. Here you can easily have a coffee in seclusion, or find your favorite table for lunch.



Welcome to the Greenhouse! In this room, a mix of industrial elements and unique vintage furniture puts you in the right mood.


Tropical vibes! The palm leaves on the wall mural Perspective Jardin create a lush tranquility.

Vintage windows have been used as partition walls to create intimate, bright, spaces for the guests. In the room called the Greenhouse, wall murals have been used both on the walls and in the ceiling, to add warmth and create a cozy atmosphere. For the interior are used vintage windows similar to those in the wall mural, to create airy partitions in between tables. Metal chairs, and lamps in the industrial style, mixed with unique vintage furniture, give the room a patio feeling that enhances the experience of being in a greenhouse. In this room, the wall murals Perspective Jardin and Urban Emerald have been used.

Play with perspective

The trompe l’oeil wall mural Perspective Manoir plays with perspective and creates a room with a view.  Create an airy impression and enlarge the room using wallpaper. Here the wall mural Perspective Manoir has been used to give the room depth and add some natural light from a window that doesn’t really exist. The lovely mix of materials – the beautiful worn-wood furnishing paired with steel chairs and café tables – matches the industrial expression perfectly.





The interior style of Café Viskan is a great example of the tropical trend that is flourishing all over the world this season. With its large exotic plants and green detailing, this style is easy to fall in love with! Do you want to create a green oasis of your own? We offer a wide selection of wall murals HERE!